This Is Why Business Video Surveillance Is Vital For The Future Of Your Company

When we open a business, we want it to be safe and successful. Help keep your valuable business assets protected from the start with business video surveillance.

Keep An Eye On Guests

Business video surveillance helps businesses keep an eye on the office both remotely and from within the office. With event-based video monitoring, you can prevent potentially dangerous situations with alerts and monitoring updates.  At ION247, we manage and monitor your facility through advanced technology and analytics. An alert goes directly to our video monitoring center where they investigate and use the voice down feature to deter suspicious activity or dispatch police. 

The concierge services grants access for deliveries, client visits, and more. This is essential to prevent unwanted visitors or odd behavior that could pose a threat to your business. 

Protect Business Assets

Every business covets its own valuable assets. Data, servers, and computers are valuable across all industries just by nature of being in a technology-driven generation. While each business takes care of its own property and clients, we understand the importance of protecting those assets. 

Allowing ION247 to manage your physical security reduces internal overhead and prevents crime. Without video monitoring, your business can be subject to theft, disruption of operations, or vandalism.  

Keeping up with what’s going on inside and outside of the office helps protect your people, assets and business operations. Consider installing business video surveillance to take care of your business for the present and the future.

Safeguard Employees with Business Video Surveillance

Sreen of Birmingham Business Video SurveillanceYou can also protect your employees – one of your most valuable business assets – with video surveillance. A safe exterior prevents unwanted visitors from entering the building while a safe interior secures your people, processes, and assets. 

Ready to protect the future of your business with business video surveillance? Contact us today! Our expert team is ready to help get your business on the right track.